The company is led by Andrew Gordon who began his career in 1983 working for the largest UK manufacturer of domestic electrical products rising to the role of senior engineer responsible for product testing and certification. In 1995 he joined the Consumers' Association as head of the product safety department where he represented consumers on technical standards committees worldwide and was involved in the preparation of the European Commission's legislation and risk assessment methodology for electrical products. In 2002 Andrew joined Intertek as head of the product safety department where he developed a range of services for importers and retailers of electrical products. These included training in electrical product safety and regulatory compliance, providing CPPD Points, where appropriate. This work has taken him abroad delivering market surveillance training in developing countries. Andrew is the author of several reports, the most recent of which concerns children's awareness of risk when using electrical products. Andrew presented the findings of this report at the ICPHSO conference in Washington DC, February 2008 and the Electrical Product Safety Conference hosted by the Electrical Safety Council in London, September 2008.